Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wilson's excuse for calling US Atty does not hold up.

New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson (NM 01 - R) offered her excuse for why she called the United States Attorney for New Mexico David C. Iglesias just before the November election. She say it was a "heads up" to let him know that she had gotten complaints that he had "bottled up" the corruption investigation of the New Mexico State Democrats. This was just prior to the November 2006 election, when Rep. Wilson was considered one of the most endangered Republican Congresspersons running. She won by only 826 votes.

Talking Points Memo is following this quite closely and has a number of articles on both Heather Wilson and Sen. Pete Domenici (NM - R) in this case.

The Senate is holding hearing on the case of the eight fired US Attorneys tomorrow morning. Surprisingly, Sen. John Cornyn (TX - R), the ranking minority member of the Senate Ethics Committee and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee is likely to miss the hearing tomorrow. Cornyn was expected to be one of the strongest defenders of the Bush White House and its Attorney General.

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