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Friday, March 16, 2007
Digby on todays Plame hearings
Digby tells what the Waxman hearings today were all about:
This hearing was designed to show that the White House leaked classified information and nobody paid a price for doing that despite the fact that many others in government have paid significantly. It's impossible to defend what they did, even if it was just an honest oversight. This is the White House and the CIA and weapons of mass destruction we are talking about. But as we've learned these past six years, there really is no limit to how much the Bush administration can screw things up and there is no limit to the dishonesty and hypocrisy of Republicans in defending it.
That's it. These people (conservative Republicans) don't have the skills or judgement required to play with unloaded waterguns, yet they are in charge of the government of the United States.

If we're lucky, the Rapture will occur soon, and all the incompetents will disappear. Then the rest of the thinking humans to get down to work at tryiung to correct the many, many mistakes they have left us.

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