Monday, March 05, 2007

Emptywheel summarizes, then analyzes hints from jury

I haven't considered the various posts on FireDogLake to be worth keeping track of since the jury started deliberating. While I enjoy the stories told by the bloggers, they frankly have very little to do with the outcome of the Libby Trial so they don't seem to me to be germane. The few requests that the jurors have sent out seemed to me to be too little fact wrapped in much too much chaff.

But tonight, Emptywheel summarized the important events that might give some hint regarding how the jury is progressing. So go read it.

The second major block of the post is Emptywheel's analysis of what she thinks the hints might mean. I find her evaluations interesting, but they again don't seem especially germane to the end result. There's just not that much to work on.

So here it is.

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