Sunday, August 10, 2008

Habash letter was forged - but by who?

EmptyWheel points out that it is well known that the Habash letter was forged. What isn't so clear yet is who exactly forged it.

EmptyWheel's fact-based logical dissection of the situation highlights a number of elements of the bureaucratic in-fighting that was going on then. Go read it and see if you agree with her conclusion:
At this point, I'm not sure what confluence of bureaucratic in-fighting in the Administration concocted that letter--it could be any weird combination of contributions. But one thing seems clear. That letter was a US-backed forgery.
That was Ron Suskind's main point. The Habash letter was a US-backed forgery.

And I would have to add that the substance of the letter demonstrates that it was intended to bolster the White House pro-Iraq Invasion propaganda. It cannot be any coincidence that the letter alleged to confirm both the (unlikely) confluence between al Qaeda and Saddam as well as Saddam's alleged (and soon debunked) effort to buy yellow cake uranium in Africa.

All we need to do now is pinpoint the forger himself.

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