Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is John McCain stupid?

Face it. McCain has gotten everything he has ever had because of his family connections or his wife's inherited wealth. He has never accomplished anything beyond stoically surviving 5 1/2 years as a Vietnamese POW - where he was kept alive because his father commanded the naval ships off the North Vietnamese coast. OK. So he endured great privations for his country. So have a lot of other people. What about stoic endurance, coming from a powerful, well-placed family and leaving his wife to marry a wealthy heiress makes him qualified to be President of the US?

McCain is no more qualified to be President than George Bush was, and McCain has crashed a lot more planes that Bush did.

Here is Cenk Uygar on McCain's Intelligence, competence and suitability as President of the US:

McCain is George Bush redux with many the same advisers; only older, more prone to go to war over anything, and more subject to mental lapses and temper tantrums.

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