Friday, August 29, 2008

Tristero on the Palin choice

Tristero, writing on Hullabaloo has a few comments and a number of questions about the McCain choice of Palin as Republican nominee for Veep:
McCain chose Palin merely because she was useful in shoring up a demographic needed to win an election. She has, as far as anyone knows, no other qualifications or experience that is directly relevant to running an entire country. It is like Bush nominating Miers for the Supreme Court because she's a good person.

The decision to choose Palin demonstrates McCain's impulsiveness, his erratic character, and his lack of seriousness about the actual job of being president.

Palin is, apparently, a radical Christianist, in the mold of Dobson, Robertson and others. Therefore it is only fair to ask her these questions, among many others:

Does Palin wish to undermine science by permitting religious doctrines like "intelligent design" creationism into the public school curriculum? UPDATE: Palin is a "teach the controversy" creationist (note: there is no scientific controversy to teach. ).

Did Palin support Randall Terry in his attempts to undermine the US judiciary and prolong the vegetative state of Terri Schiavo?

Since McCain believes America is a Christian nation, what positions does Palin believe non-Christians should be permitted to hold in the US government?

Does Palin consider Catholics to be Christian?

Some other preliminary questions to ask Palin:

Besides Canada, has she ever been out of the US? Where? For how long?

Who is the head of Australia, North Korea, South Korea, Afghanistan, Israel, the EU and the UK? Who is the president of Brazil?

What is the difference between Shia and Sunni Islam?

What is NAFTA?

Who was John Locke?
Considering that the likelihood that McCain will either die or succumb to Alzheimers in the next four years is quite high, Palin's inexperience is a massive problem. Her christianist credentials are even worse.

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