Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's a video of CNN salivating as Obama played them like dogs waiting for a treat

As I wrote yesterday, Obama was using the veep selection to play the media, making them line up and bark on command -- and it did them no good at all. They finally got the news from the Internet, just like all the rest of us did. How crazy did it drive the TV personalities? Kevin Allocca and Stephen Sherrill put together a video of CNN personalities going crazy as they tried to fill air time with a total absence of news. Here's their video.

That's what I was describing when I wrote "The Veepstakes has had the reporters sitting at Obama's feet panting with their tongues hanging out like dogs waiting for a treat. Even better, the pundits/TV personalities have been going wild with both anticipation and frustration as they can't get any news on the choice."

This was all about Obama making his first real Presidential-level decision. Suddenly he wasn't just another aspirant for the Democratic nomination who had to accept whatever treatment the media doled out to him. Suddenly Obama was the man in charge and the Washington Political Press had to play the game by his rules.

I wonder how the Associated Press' Washington Bureau Chief and strong McCain supporter Ron Fournier will fare when he has to get cooperation from an Obama White House. His anti-Obama "reporting" is already legendary. (See Media Matters and Politico.) Right now he is part of the Washington Political Press which is tuned in to the needs of the Republican Party and Bush/Cheney/Rove.

Will there be a bid shift between the current political Press insiders and a new set when Obama takes over? From Fournier I anticipate more lies and much whining that he is not being treated in the royal manner deserved by a Bureau Chief of his stature.


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