Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin - a money-grabber, not a budget cutter

TPM, reporting on today's report from the Anchorage Daily News, points out that when running for governor in 2006 she actively supported the Bridge to Nowhere, and only changed her mind when she was able to get the same federal money for whatever other projects she wanted.

But she is still building the road to where the Bridge to Nowhere was going to be built even though there is nothing there. That's not infrastructure. It's a government give-away. Why?

Because it was also federally funded, and if the (useless) project is canceled the money has to be given back to the federal government.

That's more miraculous federal funding for Alaska, you see. Money flows in, Alaskans don't have to pay it back or anything. It is a useless road, but while it is being built it provides jobs and contracts that Palin can hand out to her supporters. Just more Republican crony" governance." Can you say "Corruption?" The government remains a great ATM machine to make "free enterprise" Republicans wealthy on the backs of tax payers.

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