Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sidney Blumenthal on why McCain chose Sarah Palin

This is a very interesting insight into how the Republican party works and especially how John McCain thinks and reacts. Why did John McCain choose Sarah Palin as his running mate?
On Palin: My information is that Karl Rove wanted Romney and pushed him. McCain pushed back. He really wanted Lieberman. That was completely out of the question. Palin is the result. One element of the Palin nomination is McCain establishing himself apart from the Bush/Rove political operation, even as his campaign manager, Steve Schmidt, is one of their creatures. From the outside, it’s often hard to figure out how vicious and divided the Republicans can be with each other.
That makes it an impulsive decision that McCain made because he didn't want to be told what decision he had to make.

From FDL Book Salon Welcomes Sidney Blumenthal: The Strange Death of Republican America: Chronicles of a Collapsing Party comment #60.

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