Sunday, August 24, 2008

How many position reversals make a McCain flip-flop?

So far Steve Benen has documented 74 reversals of position. Go read them.

Over at the Washington monthly site Steve points out
McCain has been in Congress for more than a quarter-century; he's bound to shift now and then on various controversies. But therein lies the point -- McCain was consistent on most of these issues, right up until he started running for president, at which point he conveniently abandoned literally dozens of positions he used to hold, as part of a drive to pander and become palatable to the far-right Republican base.

One need not "drink the Kool Aid" to notice this. McCain's contradictory record speaks for itself.
So if one position reversal by McCain is a "flip" and the second is a "flop", what does that make 74 position reversals, most designed to make himself more attractive to the Republican base he used to mostly disdain?

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