Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's the elitist?

Here is the description by USA Today:
McCain, who has portrayed Obama as an elitist, is the son and grandson of admirals. The Associated Press estimates his wife, a beer heiress, is worth $100 million. Obama was raised by a single mother who relied at times on food stamps, and went to top schools on scholarships and loans. His income has increased from book sales since he spoke at the 2004 Democratic convention.
So we have John McCain who attended Annapolis because his father and grandfather, both Admirals, also attended Annapolis and who very probably would not have even graduated had they not been admirals. Then after his stint as a POW he returned home, divorced his wife and married the heiress of a beer fortune who bought him his election to Congress and the Senate. McCain's Congressional career has been primarily one of saying things that were not approved by the party while voting very conservative votes all the time. He has done nothing especially noteworthy during his decades in Congress. But he does wear $500 shoes.

McCain's nomination as the Republican candidate occurred because every other Republican candidate for the job failed to achieve anything. McCain got the nomination by default. It was handed to him because of his family connections and the position they allowed him to get, just like everything else he has ever done.

Contrast that to Obama who was raised by a single mother, earned his own way through Ivy League college and Law School. Everything he has ever gotten he earned on his own. And he earned $4 million last year based on sales of his books as a result of his keynote speech in the 2004 Democratic Convention. This is a man who has earned everything he has received so far. He took the Democratic nomination for President away from the clear front runner after a long, hard fought 50 state primary against a very capable opponent in which he again proved his capabilities. Obama has not inherited his position or married wealth. Everything he has is a direct result of his own capabilities and efforts.

McCain is just another frat boy (Annapolis is much like a large fraternity) like Bush, being given pass after pass because he belongs to the right family and has money. That's an elitist.

Instead Obama has earned his way and shown himself extremely competent. Competence is what America is supposed to reward, not inheritance and the "Republican" Royalist Party of inherited wealth and social position.

Addendum 2:04 pm CDT
Here are a few views of a politician who lives off the money his wife inherited. The term frequently used is "gigolo."

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