Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama points out how out-of-touch McCain is with the middle class

Obama is now pointing out that McCain, who thinks $5 million dollars is rich and who has to ask his staff how many houses he and his wife Cindy, own may not be a person who has a real grasp on the economic problems that America has. Perhaps McCain should get advice from his advisers? Like ex-Senator Phil Gram who was banished from McCain's good graces for a week or so for saying "There's no recession. It's all just a state of mine. Americans have become a nation of whiners."

Here's the talk given by Obama:

Hmm. McCain. Wears $500 per pair shoes. Can't count how many houses he owns without help of his staff. Admits that after 26 years in the Senate he doesn't know much about economics (not too surprising for a guy who was only graduated from the Naval Academy because his father and grandfather were Annapolis grads and admirals.) Listens to the Austro-Libertarian economist Phil Gramm who appears to have been donated a PhD in economics from the University of Georgia for no real research work and who has only a single publication listed in his Wikipedia entry (a very poor performance for a PhD who taught for eleven years at a research university.)

Here's Barak Obama pointing to McCain's out-of-touch attitude towards the economy and the American middle class:

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[H/t to Gregg Sargent at TPM Muckraker.]

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