Sunday, August 24, 2008

Does it really take MoDo to question McCain's POW status as the answer to every difficult question he faces?

Perhaps not every weirdity that John McCain exhibits can be excused by his status - 40 years ago - as a prisoner of war of the Vietnamese. But does it really take Maureen Dowd in the MSM to call him on it?
While McCain’s experience was heroic, did it create a worldview incapable of anticipating the limits to U.S. military power in Iraq? Did he fail to absorb the lessons of Vietnam, so that he is doomed to always want to refight it? Did his captivity inform a search-and-destroy, shoot-first-ask-questions-later, “We are all Georgians,” mentality?
Just like the case when every time Rudolph Giuliani was questioned about his worldview elicited the response "I was the Mayor of New York on September 11, 2001!" every irrational response offered by John McCain to national security questions that John McCain has offered has been excused by "He was a POW of the North Vietnamese for five and a half years!" McCain's status as POW has been his "Get-out-of-jail-Free" card throughout his political career. When he has offered an irrational response to a national security question his excuse has always been the non sequitur "He was a POW!"

But does it really take - of all people in the media - Maureen Dowd - to call him on it? And to make the media take the issue seriously?

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Mo MoDo said...

I like that she has come up with a list of what he blames being a POW on. It's the Get Out Of Jail Free card.