Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sullivan: McCain's plan is war, war and more war

Josh Marshall quoted Andrew Sullivan's complete reaction to to the Wall Street Journal editorial by Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, then goes on to add to Sullivan's response.

Really. Do the American people really want to cut off all cooperation with Russia over controlling nuclear warheads and exchange of Intelligence on terrorist groups just so that we can start a new Cold War with Russia to defend Moldova and Azerbaijan? That's what Lieberman and Graham are suggesting, and these are two of the hotheaded war-lover McCain's closest advisers.

Go read the article by Josh Marshall, then confirm what
Lieberman and Graham
wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

Then consider what Senator Pat Leahy thinks about McCain's current level of confusion. Sen. Leahy thinks McCain's current confusion is reminiscent of Reagan's, circa 1987. If this is correct, then McCain will be both extremely suggestible and less in control of his already well-known hot temper. Lieberman and Graham will be there to suggest war and threats of war - threats of war which might be intended as bluff but which might get out of hand, as apparently the Bush administration's egging Georgia's Saakishvili's Bear-baiting did.

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