Monday, May 14, 2007

Stupidity in action again - America in Iraq

Let's see. In Iraq the insurgents are hiring today, and working to get the American occupiers out of their country. In the meantime, the American Republican free marketers don't want to reopen the old state-run Iraqi industries because that runs counter to the grand idea of creating Iraq as a free market economy someday far in the future -- maybe. So the unemployed workers have the choice of not working, or joining the fight to get the Americans out of Iraq. It seems reasonable that if a lot more Iraqis were working, they wouldn't want to join the insurgents, doesn't it?

So when Paul Brinkley, a deputy undersecretary of defense, started to reopen Iraqi state-run industries to hire Iraqis and allow them to earn a living to support their families, the State Department has gone up in arms. Americans should not rehabilitate the Iraqi industries because that opposes the Utopian free market ideology ideas that America should be installing promoting encouraging in Iraq for some future utopia there.

I guess the idea is that we shouldn't offer beans-and-rice to eat today because then the Iraqis won't be encouraged to work for the glorious feast they might prepare next week or so.

[From Think Progress.]

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