Thursday, May 24, 2007

Once again we learn that Bush placed an incompetent in a high-level government job

This article is primarily a review of the appearance of Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and her performance on the Jon Stewart Show, but take a look at Ms. Spellings' qualifications to be the Secretary of Education!
A cursory background sketch on Spellings reveals her never to have earned a degree in education or been a classroom teacher. Her official government bio begins, "As the first mother of school-aged children to serve as Education Secretary, Spellings has a special appreciation for the hopes and concerns of American families." Forget qualifications on how to educate a nation; she's a mom!

The most important detail about Secretary Spellings is that she was the political director for George W. Bush's first gubernatorial run in Texas, and then served as a senior political adviser for him from 1995 to 2000. Get past the charming Texas drawl and you reveal an inner-circle Bush loyalist/ideologue.
We expect school teachers to have teacher training as well as training in their subject matter, and school administrators are expected to have graduate education in the discipline of Education. School Superintendents have doctorates in education.

Ms. Spellings' qualification as Secretary of Education for the third most populous nation on Earth? She is a "Mom." Oh, and an inner-circle Bush loyalist from Texas. From the review of her performance on the Jon Stewart show, she is doing for the Department of Education what Michael Brown did for FEMA, and perhaps she is doing what Alberto Gonzales has done for to the Department of Justice. She can't even talk seriously about the problem of "Teaching to the Test." Heck of a job, Maggie.

If this were the Biblical story of Job, all of America would be Job and George Bush and his Republican minions would be all of the trials and tribulations imposed at once. Say after me now "How long, Oh Lord, must we suffer so?"

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