Thursday, May 03, 2007

Great reporting by the Main Stream Media experts

Here (from Glenn Greenwald) are a few of the significant things that have been happening in the world very recently:
This week, the Bush administration sought vastly increased powers to spy on the telephone conversations of Americans, and then threatened to begin spying again illegally and without warrants. It was revealed that Condoleezza Rice would meet with Syrian officials, a significant shift in Middle East policy.

Yesterday, it was disclosed that Iraq's government is actually purging itself of anyone who seeks to impede lawless Shiite militias. And one of the right-wing's most influential academicians published an article on The Wall St. Journal Op-Ed page explicitly advocating "one-man rule" in America whereby the President can ignore the "rule of law" in order to fight The Terrorists.
Then we get the big story from the new online political reporting agency, the Politico.

This is also from Glenn greenwald:
None of that -- or virtually anything else of even marginal significance -- was reported by The Politico, an online political magazine founded by some of the nation's most prestigious and admired (in Beltway terms) political journalists. But yesterday, The Politico's so-called "chief political columnist," Roger Simon (Bio), published a 674-word article -- prominently touted on The Politico's front page -- exclusively about John Edwards' haircuts, cleverly headlined "Hair today, gone tomorrow."
OK. My question is, where is Mr. Simon's sense of priorities? Is this really the best story he could find to write? The "Edward's haircut" is purely a story made up by reporters. Surely Mr. Simon could have used his time, talents, and access to media space to tell the public something significant about some of the many, many politicians who are presently working hard to get government jobs.

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