Monday, May 28, 2007

Extricatia clusterfuckum prontus

Extricatia clusterfuckum prontus is my favorite Latin for "Bring the troops home."

But there is also
  • Copiae subducentes sunt or perhaps Copiae subducendae sunt or maybe
  • Extricandae copiae.
At least, according to Mark Kleiman at his "The Reality-Based Community."

Mark's post explains the "whys" of each phrase (except my favorite, which has what a researcher might, by a stretch, call having face validity. Having never studied Latin myself, and having absolutely no interest in the study of the language, I will leave it to Mark and his cohorts.

But the idea of such a bumper sticker does intrigue me. A quick Google search of the Internet brought me to this site which claims it does small quantities. A single 3 X 10 bumper sticker, Black and White or Color, is $4.95 (and I assume postage plus handling.) There is a volume discount, but they specifically say that they specialize in small quantities and that for large volume there are probably less expensive sites.


I have no connection to the makestickers site and do not offer any warranty of any kind. Any purchase anyone makes is on their own. I did no more due diligence than to merely read their website.

So - anyone with Photoshop or some graphics capability interested in designing the bumper sticker or stickers?

Addendum 9:28 AM CDT May 29, 2007
OK. From the comment, here is the suggested website Again, I provide this link for anyone who wants to try it but I know nothing about No warranty here.

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