Thursday, May 31, 2007

Note to Justin

You asked if I would publish freelance articles here. The answer is yes, probably, but we need to discuss it. I have tried to email you, but your email service rejects my emails.

Email me through the email block in the upper right corner under "About Me" and allow my emails to get through your email service spam blocker.

Key point, though. I don't pay. Google doesn't pay me and so far no one has bought a book through Amazon from my site, so I can't afford to pay anyone else. (In fact, I still use Barnes & Noble for myself. They pay postage on new books if I buy over $25 worth so it is cheaper than Amazon - and B&N is a Blue vendor. Amazon is not.) But who knows? Maybe Bill Gates will decided to subsidize my activities, and then I can share.

I wonder if I will ever learn to write short posts.

Nah. No fun in that.

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