Monday, May 21, 2007

A brief bit on Jim Webb in GQ

Jim Webb is an interesting man and definitely a Senator to keep your eye on. Here is the intro to the GQ description of him:
His razor-thin victory in a swing state delivered the Senate to the Democrats. Since then, Senator Jim Webb has publicly refused to shake the hand of George W. Bush, delivered the most devastating State of the Union response in memory, and had to explain why an aide brought a loaded gun into the Capitol. It’s been a busy few months for the straightest talker in D.C.
Webb became a Democrat because he felt that the Republican Party had gone off the rails. He campaigned on the many errors the Republicans had made and were making. Then, surprising the experts, he won.

I just think he was speaking for a majority of Americans. That seems like a pretty good strategy for winning to me. I also don't think that Giuliani would be able to successfully paint Webb as soft and "reactive" on terrorism, either. I hope the Democratic field of candidates for the Presidential nomination get the message.

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