Sunday, May 06, 2007

My apologies to those looking for posts here.

Both of you. ;-}

I've been running an early election poll 13 hours a day since Thursday, and will be continuing through Tuesday, so it has been a question of sleeping or reading and writing here. Then I'll do the same thing for the regular election next Saturday.

It's an election for mayor and city council, with a single amendment to the Texas Constitution setting a cap on property taxes for the aged and disabled added, so it is low-key at best. But someone has to operate the polls, and I'm one of them.

Unfortunately, it keeps me from being here.

Which reminds me - make sure that you are registered! Now! Call and check.

Send in for for a replacement certificate if you can't locate yours! Don't let yourself be disenfranchised! Make sure that every Democrat you know is registered!

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