Saturday, May 19, 2007

Be VERY suspicious of all stories saying the Iranians are unified and out to get us.

Edward Luttwak provides a good description of how bad the information the American public has regarding the make up of the Iranian nation. Here is a sample of what he says:
As for the claim that the "Iranians" are united in patriotic support for the nuclear programme, no such nationality even exists. Out of Iran's population of 70m or so, 51 per cent are ethnically Persian, 24 per cent are Turks ("Azeris" is the regime's term), with other minorities comprising the remaining quarter. Many of Iran's 16-17m Turks are in revolt against Persian cultural imperialism; its 5-6m Kurds have started a serious insurgency; the Arab minority detonates bombs in Ahvaz; and Baluch tribesmen attack gendarmes and revolutionary guards. If some 40 per cent of the British population were engaged in separatist struggles of varying intensity, nobody would claim that it was firmly united around the London government. On top of this, many of the Persian majority oppose the theocratic regime, either because they have become post-Islamic in reaction to its many prohibitions, or because they are Sufis, whom the regime now persecutes almost as much as the small Baha'i minority. So let us have no more reports from Tehran stressing the country's national unity. Persian nationalism is a minority position in a country where half the population is not even Persian. In our times, multinational states either decentralise or break up more or less violently; Iran is not decentralising, so its future seems highly predictable, while in the present not much cohesion under attack is to be expected. [Highlighting mine - Editor PPS.]
Edward N. Luttwak has been in the business of studying military and political strategy for over forty years that I know of, and while I have disagreed with some of his conclusions, he has always worked from verifiable facts as far as I have seen. If he ever disagrees with anyone on TV, especially FOX, Luttwak will be correct.

Go read the entire article. It's worth it.

Then ask yourself if we are being given accurate information from the Bush administration or from the main stream media? Do we in the public know enough to feel threatened by Iran? (If you come to any answer other than a resounding "NO", go back and review it again. Because the real threat has to come well before we attack that country. Trusting Bush we made that mistake in 2003. That damned sure hasn't turned out as expected, nor has it turned out well.

We are being fed the same lines of bullshit about Iran by Cheney, Bush and company. If there is a sane rationale for the military action we are being pushed towards then is is nowhere in evidence.

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