Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fired US attys say criminal cases will result from the firings.

David Iglesias, fired U.S. Attorney from New Mexico, and John McKay, fired U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, tell the Seattle Times that there may be criminal charges resulting from the Pearl Harbor Day Massacre of U.S. Attorneys. They also said that:
...they believe White House political operative Karl Rove and his aides instigated the dismissals and ultimately decided who among the nation's 93 U.S. attorneys should be fired.
This is a story that has a long way left to go.

My opinion - Attorney General Gonzales may well not be much of a manager. Lawyers often aren't. But contrary to the impression he left in his Senate testimony, he is a very intelligent man. He is, in fact, both intelligent enough and well-enough trained as a lawyer that he could plausibly present a story to the Senate in which the White House was totally unconnected to the real hand Rove and his staff had in the U.S. Attorney Purge. All Alberto G. had to do to present such a story was to appear to be a totally detached figurehead playing as leader while simply not understanding what was really going on. This would be play-acting worthy of an Oscar at the least, but Alberto is fully capable of such a performance.

If that is what is going on, it will only last as long as every knowledgeable person closely involved sticks to the pre-planned story. That is the real significance of Monica Goodling. She is quite young, not really old enough to realize the risks she was running. She is just now becoming aware that her entire future many be sacrificed so that the principle individuals she is being asked to protect can keep their power.She has got to be asking herself if it is worth the candle, and the people depending on her to stick to the story have to be feeling highly uncertain about her. The pressures on her from both sides have to be tremendous.

If, as Mckay and Iglesias say, this moves on the criminal cases, the pressure on Monica Goodling will get even greater, which is why her attorneys are trying to get immunity for her from Congress.

As I say, this story has a way to go.

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