Thursday, January 31, 2008

President or Tyrant? Bush is the latter.

Also from Juan Cole:
Bush signed a law forbidding him from spending money to make permanent bases in Iraq but at the same time issued a signing statement making clear he had no intention of paying any attention to that or several other provisions in the legislation. What do you call a leader unconstrained by his legislature? An absolute monarch. I thought we had a revolution to get rid of that sort of thing.
George Bush is an un-American tyrant, and our political leaders are either cheering him on or refusing to act as the Constitution directs by impeaching him.

How is the tyrant George Bush any better than a Communist dictator of the kind America fought a four-decade Cold War to avoid? McCain or Romney will be merely a continuation of the same anti-democratic tyrannical government.

As Glenn Greenwald wrote this morning of the new Attorney General:
Mukasey is the federal judge who, when presiding over the Padilla case in 2002, endorsed the most tyrannical and un-American power there is, when he ruled that the President even has the power to imprison U.S. citizens indefinitely, even when detained on U.S. soil, with no process of any kind -- a position he refused to repudiate during his confirmation hearing.
So the new American norm is that the President is above the law, eliminating the Rule of Law. The lack of the Rule of Law guts the Constitution by making it unenforceable. Mukasey's ruling also paves the way to the creation of legal gulags which are recognized under the court approved law.

When these anti-American tyrants come for you, don't say you weren't warned. All you can truthfully say is that you ignored the warnings.

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