Monday, June 12, 2006

House cats are the dominant species on Earth

I keep running into people have this strange idea that human beings are the dominant species on Earth, even though the facts are right there in front of all of us. We aren't "it." House cats are.

Don't believe me? Here is what one of the uninformed wrote:
"I, for one, have no doubt that if they could figure out how to use can openers, house cats would take over the world in about a week."
Here is my response.

Housecats already are the dominant species on Earth. They long ago figured out how to control humans and get them to use the can openers for them. Haven't you noticed? Why should they lower themselves to use can openers. They have us.

Remember. Cats in general are the single most efficient predator on land. House cats, however, have evolved to where they don't have to bother with such "iffy" propositions as actually hunting for a living. Instead they have tamed people to provide for them. Look at the house cats in your home. When was the last time they actually had to hunt for any reason other than recreation?

It is my suspicion that our house cats have selectively bred humans for our increased ability to use tools. The early association of house cats and humans in Egypt was also the first human civilization. You will notice that in Egypt cats were recognized and worshipped as Gods. Do you think it is coincidence that humans were not civilized before associating with house cats? I don't think so.

Think about it. There has never been an advanced city-based human civilization that was not associated with cats.

We no longer worship house cats as Gods on a formal basis. Why is that?

The answer is obvious upon a few moments reflection. Any house cat worth its purr can make you worship it. Cats recognized after a time that they could have more power from a less obvious position than as formal Gods. They don't need a crude human religious institution to assist them. Each competent cat is fully capable capable of individually controlling its own humans without a religious instituion to direct the humans.

Just remember. Contrary to all our myths, God walks on four paws with little switchblades inside each toe. When you please God, God sometimes purrs for you.

When you realize how much work we humans will go to to get that purr, you tell me who is dominant?

Just how powerful are house cats really? Go check this post at Digby out. You'll see.

Don't argue with the cat that owns you. It's not healthy.

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