Sunday, June 18, 2006

Backstory on Leopold's now discredited scoop

Freelance Writer Joe Lauria writes in the Washingtom Post that Jason Leopold appears to have lied to an attorney for Karl Rove passing himself off as Joe Lauria to get an interview. This resulted when Joe Lauria read what Jeralyn Merrit of TalkLeft reported she was told by Jason Leopold.

Lauria blasts Leopold as an unethical reporter who will lie and cheat to get a scoop with no qualms, using Leopold's own autobiography as part of the evidence. This is Leopold's autobiography:

News Junkie
News Junkie

From what Lauria says, Leopold has been a high-flying reporter who has on several occasions conducted an Icarus act [flying too close to the sun, so the wax melts from his wings and causes him to crash.]

That doesn't discredit everything he writes, but it sure as heck makes it a good idea to always search for independent confirmation of anything he writes. I wonder how much longer "Truthout" will stand behind him. If he is the franchise for "Truthout", possibly a long time.

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