Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Walking the cat back" on the Iranian Badges for Jews story

I didn't bother to comment on the the story a few days ago about the Iranian government allegedly requiring Jews to wear visible badges just as the Nazis did in WW II because it had been quickly debunked before I ever spotted the story. But it led to a better story. here is the story behind the "badges" lie. It was a Neocon Psy-0ps operation enacted to inflame American public opinion against the Iranians and build support for military attacks on Iran.
"The sole source for the pile of crap was Amir Taheri, an Iranian-born journalist with ties to warmongering neo-cons, who wrote a companion piece to the main story. [Snip]

Taheri is in cahoots with Ledeen, Perle and Frum and is even a columnist for the National Review, their organ for warmongering swill. Taheri writes the incendiary op-ed piece "A color code for Iran's infidels" and himself sends it to the Simon Weisenthal Center. When someone there makes a fuss, it becomes news in a Likudite-linked paper where David Frum got his start as a columnist and where he is coincidentally publishing a weekly column again today. Viola! Effective psy ops delivery of a nasty calumny which makes Ahmadinejad look like Hitler!"
Go read the article at Daily Kos. Keep track fo the names and the publications. Then when you see any of them connected to a story about Iran, be very suspicious.

For more counter-Intelligence against the NewCon attempts to stampede America into attacking Iran, go see this article at BBC.

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