Friday, May 19, 2006

Ned Lamont just forced Joe Lieberman into a primary

I don't know the rules in CN, but apparently Ned Lamont got enough votes at the Democratic Caucus to force Joe Lieberman into a primary election. The report is on FireDogLake. Apparently Lamont got a lot more votes than he was expected to get.

I get the impression that Lieberman is running into an unexpectedly high level of opposition in the Connecticut Democratic Party.

If anyone can explain the mechanics of the Connecticut Democratic nomination process, I wish you would tell me. What has happened, and what does Lamont have to do to win the Democratic nomination?

So far, I'm just really happy that Lieberman is having trouble in his renomination to a fourth term as Senator. He has seriously screwed up in the last six or so years.

There used to be room for crossover votes between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, but that was before the Republicans scorched the earth for moderates. Joe L. has not yet figured this out, and the attention he has been getting from the Republicans as "Bush's favorite Democrat" has apparently blinded him to the damage he is doing to the Democratic Party and to America.

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