Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ABC reports that Dennis Hastert is under FBI investigation

Via TPM Muckraker we get the report from ABC News that Dennis Hastert, Republican Speaker of the House, is under investigation by the FBI. The investigation is a result of statements by crooked lobbyists who are talking to the FBI to reduce their sentences.

So, with Dennes Hastert under investigation, the House Majority Leader Tom DeLay having resigned under indictment over his money handling (again from lobbyists) several Republican Congressmen under investigation for bribery and illegal deals with lobbyists, and with Senator Frist, the Senate Majority leader under investigation by the SEC for possible insider trading the Republican party is showing its true colors. It is a political machine set up to loot the government while dismantling it.

Opposed to that Democrats have a single Congressman, William Jefferson, who is under investigation for having received $100,000 to facilitate some kind of international deal. Instead of singing his praises and defending him, as the Republicans have done with all their crooks, the Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has asked Jefferson to resign his powerful committee seat.

So which is the party of institutionalzed corruption, and which is the party that roots out corrupt actors?

I haven't even mentioned Dick Cheney's arrangements to get multimillion dollar No-Bid contracts for Halliburton to support the war in Iraq while his stock holdings in Haliburton go up in price as a result, or the $2.6 million in straight bribes given to Rep. Congressman Randy Cunningham. Then there are Bob Ney, who will soon be gone, and Jerry Lewis, both Republican Congressmen from California currently under investigation. Oh, and let's not forget the totally unforgettable Katherine Harris, Rep. Congresswoman from Florida currently running for the Republican nomination for Senator. The $38,000 she got from Mitchell Wade (Cunningham's briber) has yet to be explained.

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