Monday, May 22, 2006

Update of Katherine Harris of Florida

Two-term Representative Katherine Harris, best known nationally as the Florida Secretary of State who disenfranchised many mostly Democratic voters and certified George W. Bush as winner of the 2000 Presiential election in Florida, has drawn three unknown oppontents in her campaign to win the Republican primary for Senator. Her opponents are "...LeRoy Collins Jr., son of former Gov. LeRoy Collins; Peter Monroe, a developer; and lawyer William McBride." (from WTOP News, a Washington D.C. news radio station.)

LeRoy Collins Jr. is a retired Naval officer with no political experience. Peter Monroe managed the property of failed banks for the FDIC, and William BcBride is a lawyer in a firm located in Windemer, FL.

Harris has consistently run 30 points behind the incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Since none of the three opponents are especially well-known, so they will all be going for the Republican anti-Harris vote, pretty much assuring that even with her disorganized campaign she will probably win the primary.

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