Saturday, May 27, 2006

Media makes point of Bush sounding contrite

I heard Bush say that his big mistake was saying "Bring'em on!". My first reaction was "That's all he'll admit to??" It isn't that he has made wrong decisions. No. It's that he said something in a manner that wasn't all that "sophisticated."

But the Press was overwhelmed, and has been ever since. "BUSH ADMITS MISTAKE!!!!!" That's all I've heard since then. Jesus! Are they really that desperate for something to talk about that doesn't find fault with the great Bush?

What the Hell. I guess that if Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld make all the decisions and Bush only goes out and makes speeches to get various voting blocks to support those decisions, then maybe it's true. The only real mistake Bush has made is in how he said something, because his only function is to give speeches and talk to supporters. If that's the only thing Bush has permission from the real decision-makers to do, then maybe he sees his worst errors as being how he speaks about something.

Apparently, though, his speaking has also sounded "Out of Touch." Like, maybe, oh, he sounds a bit like he hasn't a real clue as to what is going on. Not surprising to any Texan who has watched his act since 1994. He DOESN'T have any clue. Nor does he want one.

I guess Rove's pollsters caught that "out of touch" response last Spring. The result is the current contrition act. Richard Wolffe from Newsweek sure caught it, and reported it. Crooks and Liars has the tape. It's short - one minute and seven seconds.

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