Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rove - indicted or not? Truthout defends Leopold's reporting

The blogosphere investigation into the accuracy of Jason Leopold's Truthout article stating that Rove had been handed an indictment by Fitzgerald and the indictment would be announced Friday, May 12th is heating up. This is from TalkLeft. (This is in addition to earlier Talkleft reports here and here)

The essence of the latest in TalkLeft is that Ash, the editor of Truthout, feels Leopold got the story correct and his sources were straight with Truthout, but that something changed to keep Fitzgerald from announcing the indictment of Rove.

TalkLeft speculates that this could mean that Rove rolled on someone else in the White House, Fitzgerald has made a deal, and the targets of the investigation have changed sharply. One possibility is that Cheney may well now be the target rather than Rove.

Rove spokesman Marc Corallo and Rove Lawyer Robert Luskin both claim that everything Truthout and Leopold wrote is either a lie or they are crazy.

A commenter, Sydnie, points out that Carralo was spokesman for Bob Livingston in December 1998 and made a similar absolute delial that Livingston was going to resigh exactly two days before Livingston resigned.

So right now it is like watching a dogfight under a blanket. There's a lot of noise and the blanket is moving a lot, but winners and losers haven't been sorted out yet. The most we know is that a lot of activity is happening.

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