Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rove nearly locked up US for Repubs - until the Iraq War interfered in Nov. 2006

Digby describes how Karl Rove was building a national political machine that would permanently give control of America to the conservative extremists. It involved depowering the Democrats completely, running a one-party government, fixing most close elections so that the Republicans stole them, using the Department of Justice to fix court case outcomes in cases of election fraud when Republicans got caught while at the same time bringing indictments against strong Democratic politicians just before elections, and using the power of the government to control what the press reported about government and elections.

It nearly worked, but the lack of success in the war in Iraq sidetracked the 2006 election. Since then the Congressional Hearings have begun to surface how crooked the Republicans have been. Still, most of Rove's crooked politics is still in place.

This article by Digby is especially worth reading.

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