Friday, June 08, 2007

Finally! AT and T gave me my DSL back.

Unbelievable. We've had a lot of rain here recently (still haven't made up for the drought over the last two years, though.) With rain came bugs. Ants. Flies. Mosquitoes. Roaches. Republicans. (Sorry. Can't blame the rain for them.)

But I never connected it to the inability of my DSL to connect to the Domain Name Server. The computer was sending and receiving packets. But it couldn't find any websites. Then my dial tone went out. Related? Yeah, but it took a while to find that out.

The service tech finally called and told me I had a dial tone back (well, duh. He was on the phone, right?) He also said that my DSL was back. So I asked what had happened.


Ants in a junction box a block away from me. He had to isolate the problem, kill the ants and clean them out, then fix the wires.

That's Texas, I guess.

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