Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What is it with Republican Senate candidates the republicans don't want?

In Connecticut the Republicans have cut the Republican candidate for Senate loose and are supporting Joe Lieberman's candidacy against the Democratic nominee. In Florida, the entire republican Party leadership tried to get Katherine Harris not to run for the Senate, but yesterdays she handily defeated three other Republican candidates in the primary for the right to be defeated by run against the incumbent Democratic Senator, Ben Nelson. From Reuters we get the problems which Katherine Harris faces in the general election.
"She trails Nelson by more than 30 points in voter opinion polls, lags far behind him in fund-raising and came under scrutiny after receiving illegal campaign contributions from a defense contractor who admitted bribing another congressional representative.

Harris, 49, has seen a steady exodus of disgruntled campaign staffers, who described her as obsessed with unimportant details and prone to screaming tantrums."
Ms. Harris is probably the best opponent any Democratic Senator faces during the 2006 election season. "Best" is, of course, a synonym for "Most Beatable."

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