Friday, September 08, 2006

This is fun.

I have a house cat (gray tabby of about 6 pounds) along with two dogs. One dog is a white west Highland Terrier (a Westie) of about 22 pounds and the other is a mixed breed dog which seems to be mostly sheltie of about 32 pounds. Now mind you, I have no prior experience with owning such animals. (Or in the case of the cat, being owned by a cat.)

All are primarily indoor animals. The dogs go out to do their business, but the cat is entirely an indoor cat.

I also have a kitchen with mice. They come through the kitchen cabinets. Their work is obvious. They eat what they find in the cabinets. I put mouse traps in there, and occasionally get the more stupid of them.

What is fun is to come out and find the cat sitting beside the refrigerator waiting for a mouse to come out of the cabinets. She sits there for hours, with her eyes on the single opening that a mouse can find its way through. The Westie will also watch that same openimg. He will get up and go away sometimes, but will come back and watch for prey. Terriers do not forget where such prey can be found.

The similarity between the behavior of the cat amd the terrier is interesting. Patience, thy name is "Humter."

There are a number of ways I could control the mice that invade my kitchen, but if I do, what happens to my household humters? Their hunting entertains them greatly, and their hunding enterains ME greatly.

Thanks, mice. You provide a lot of household entertainment. The cat and the terrier are really involved. What also intrigues me is that the sheltie is NOT similarly involved in the household hunt.

Me? I watch the watchers.

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