Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's almost too late for America

I thought earlier that the Bill on how to treat detainees would not get through the House and Senate before the end of this week. Looks like I was wrong. This bill gives Bush his unilateral Presidency.

Bush will be able to declare anyone he wishes to as an illegal detainee, and habeus corpus does not apply. He will be able to hold such a person as long as he wishes, and the only court possible will be a military commission in which the Bill of Rights does not apply.

No due process.
No habeas corpus. which means no review by real courts.
No right to know the evidence against you.
No right to face your accuser.
You can be declared a terrorist detainee whether you are a citizen or not.

This will last until all terrorism is ended in defeat. Yet it will cause an increase in terrorism as well as all other forms of warfare.

Go see Tristero at Hullabaloo if you don't beleive me. Here's the thing. As Americans we have become fat, dumb and happy, and we have been diddly-bopping through a dangerous world in which most people must fear their own government more than any outside force. But we had the Constitution which was the basis of our free Republican democracy. That ended when the Supreme Court Five elected George W. Bush as President over the rightfully elected Al Gore. But it was reverable until September 11 - which could possibly have been permitted by the Bush administration as a causus belli which was needed to destroy the Constitution. And it worked.

But until now it was reversable. When this bill passes the Republican-dominated House and Senate, the Totalitarian America will no longer be easily reversable, if at all. Until now it could have been prevented. After that bill passes and is signed, the Totalitarian America will have to be lived through or fought in the streets, and the USSR showed that fighting in the streets does not reverse a Totalatarianism. It will have to collapse of its own weight.

But it will not collapse of its own weight as long as there are Islamist terrorists who can be suckered into committing suicide as murder-suicideers to maintain the American Totalitarianism.

Think I'm getting too extreme here?

Wait. Give it ten more years, and you will accuse me of a failure of imagination. That's if this article is allowed to last and anyone reads it. Freedom of speech is on a very short tether, as well as the rest of the freedoms the founding fathers thought they had given us and we have squandered.

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