Friday, September 08, 2006

Al Wynn - dirty machine politician?

Matt Stoller at MyDD has been investigating the financing practices of Congressman Al Wynn (D. MD - 4) and it is not a pretty sight. He appears to be getting illegal corporate contributions, which he conceals by not reporting, reporting late, or by failing to report the employers of his large contributors so that it is impossible to isolate which corporations are giving money to their employees and instructing them to give it to Wynn.

Through delaying tactics, he prevents the voters from knowing who is funding his campaign. The result is that after the Primary (which is the effective election in his district) the FEC gets the corrected records and fines him. As a sitting Congressman, he can make up the fines easily.

The political machine he is at the top of appears to prevent competition through a number of methods, many illegal and including violence.

Al Wynn looks like someone who needs to be taken down. I say that as a committed Democrat.

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