Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bush - no more troops to Iraq

Kevin Drum reports on the need for and refusal by Bush to send more troops to Iraq.
...they don't want to withdraw, but they don't want to send enough troops to have any chance of succeeding either. Both options are too politically risky. Instead, they will continue following the one path guaranteed to fail.
The key to remember is that the Bush administration does not care what happens in Iraq, nor do they care what happens to the U.S. military. We are still in Iraq because they would lose an election by leaving. We aren't going to increase tbe size of the military so that it is large enough to deal with combat in Iraq because such an expansion would cause them to lose an election.

Success in Iraq is irrelevant -- except as how it impacts the Republican control of the U.S. federal government. This comes from the top - Cheney, Bush, Rove and Rumsfeld.

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