Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Katherine Harris may take other Repubs down with her

As we known the strange election campaign of Katherin Harris for the Florida Senate is not likely to go anywhere. But TPM Muckraker reports that not only will she fail to win her election, but also her effort is likely to cost the Republicans the House seat she is leaving to make the run for Senate.

Also, if her run for the Senate discourages moderate Republicans from voting, this could mean trouble for the Republican candidate for Governor...
... Charlie Crist, who's been unable to top 49 percent in polls for the gubernatorial race. Meanwhile, support for the Democratic challenger, Jim Davis -- still unknown to two in every five Floridians -- continues to rise, polling recently at 43 percent.
Finally, if Republican voters don't show up at the polls, Repbulcan Clay Shaw of Florida's 22d district has been able to maintain only a 4 point lead over his Democratis rival.

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