Sunday, July 30, 2006

U.S. Wants expanded war in Middle East

It's not enough that for some strange reason the Bush administration doesn't seem to think that stopping the useless caranage in Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel is worth their efforts. There are indications that the U.S. is pushing Israel to expand the war into Syria. From TPM:
"there do appear to be forces in Washington -- seemingly the stronger ones, with Rice just a facade -- who see this whole thing as an opportunity for a grand call of double or nothing to get out of the disaster they've created in the region. Go into Syria, maybe Iran. Try to roll the table once and for all. No failed war that a new war can't solve. Condi's mindless 'birth pangs' remark wasn't just a gaffe -- or perhaps it was a gaffe in the Kinsleyan sense of inopportunely saying what you really think. That seems to be the thinking -- transformation through destabilization."
That's Cheney-think at work again. Force hasn't achieved what they thought it would in Iraq, so the problem isn't that force doesn't work. It's that the entire Middle East needs to go to war against each other.

So expand the war into Syria, and the Syrians will get afraid and stop Hezbollah and make Peace, or Syria will suffer regime change. It won't sork in Syria any more than it would in Iran.

We Americans are screwed as long as Bush/Cheney are in charge. We better hope that the Israelis have more good sense than to listen to them.

If Bush really wants to eliminate the fundamental cause of the wars in the Middle East, he will resign quickly after Cheney is induced to resigh. Then one of the largest single causes will be gone.

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