Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israel is losing the war in political terms - which are what count

Billmon describes how the Israelis are losing the war in Lebanon. They have failed to demonstrate any clear superiority over Hamas, so when the inevitable political end to the combat comes Israel will not have the necessary political power to get the results they are after.

In his next post, Billmon explains what will actually bring the combat to an end, and why the killing of the UN observers didn't cause that to happen.

Condi Rice was to fly into Lebanon to discuss what was needed to reach a ceasefire - then the Lebonese government told her not to come until after a ceasefire has already occurred. It seems that he views were not wanted by the Lebonese government. In addition, Kofi Annan has called an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council. Billmon points our that "...a resolution calling for an immediate cease fire no doubt will be offered,forcing the United States to veto it -- thus officially going on record all by its lonesome in favor of large and horrific massacres." While this will certainly not disturb Dick Cheney and the NeoCons, it will isolate the U.S. internationally to an even greater extent than is true at the moment.

If I were a fundamentalist christian and a believer in the Rapture, I would have to ask if this couldn't be a massive test by god to determine who the righteous were and who would be taken in the Rapture. My bet is that those who believe they are going in the Rapture would fail the test if they supported these Middle East Wars, and be horribly shocked to find themselve left alone on the world they created. But then, I am not such a believer. This set of wars is man-made and needs to be stopped so that the damage can be limited to what has already occurred.

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