Thursday, July 06, 2006

Republican foreign policy? Ain't none.

Bush is totally cowed by the foreign policy realm. Here is what Kevin Drum writes about it.
"the Bush administration literally seems to have no foreign policy at all anymore. They have no serious plan for Iraq, no plan for Iran, no plan for North Korea, no plan for democracy promotion, no plan for anything. With the neocons on the outs, Condoleezza Rice at the State Department, and Dick Cheney continuing to drift into an alternate universe at the OVP, the Bush administration seems completely at sea. There's virtually no ideological coherency to their foreign policy that I can discern, and no credible followup on what little coherency is left."
That's it. Bush has no clue how to handle North Korea. No clue on Iran. "Stay the course" (whatever that means) on Iraq. No clue on Russia. No clue on the European Union. No clue on South America. No clue on (for Christ's sake) Mexico.

Gee. He is lucky that Canada isn't a big problem. If it were, he couldn't figure out how to handle it, either.

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