Monday, July 10, 2006

Just a polite question of Joe, one-on-one

Maura is an Irish-American from Stamford, CT, so when she heard Joe Lieberman was going to campaign there along with Joe Biden, she showed up. Which is more than Joe Biden did.

After the formal activities with Lieberman were over, she went through the line to shake his hand, and while she was there talking to him, she asked a question.

Click here to see how that worked. Spazeboy provides the video.

I reached Maura's blog through Jane Hamsher at FireDogLake. Jane provides a bit more information on who Maura is.

OK. So asking a polite question of your Senator as you pass through the line to shake his hand is now "harrassing" the Senator. I have to conclude that this is more evidence that Lieberman is really running scared of Lamont. He is spinning any disagreement or even a question of his behavior in nasty ways. A winning politician doesn't need to do this.

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