Monday, July 24, 2006

Connecticut Repubs may have decided to field a serious candidate.

The upset between Lieberman and Lamont may have convinced the Connecticut Republicans to switch to a candidite who could win in a three way race. From Teagam Goddard' Political Wire we get an interesting analysis. Go check it out.

Since I am from Texas and hove no real insight to Connecticut politics, I have no idea how accurate this is. But it is worth considering.

Personally, I think that since Connecticut is genarally a Democratic state I don't really think thatthey will send a Republican to the Senate. But if the election in November becomes some Republican vs. Lamont vs. an Independent Lieberman, I may be wrong. I really hope not. But this is what the Republicans are hopping for.

I am also concerned about the three Connecticut Congressmen who should send Democrats to the House. Can Lieberman really do this to the Democrats?

Dunno. This is really a major election for Democrats.

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