Thursday, July 13, 2006

Psychological tests.

I find questionaires fascinating. Sometimes they tell me things about myself that I was mildly aware of, but did not know how to put into words. So let me offer you a set of Psychological Tests to play with. click through and try them out.

One I did not find on this list was the "F-Test", designed to find Fascist tendencies in your personality. It was based on the post-war (that WW II) research of Theordore Adorno into the idea that their is a Fascist Persobnality. Wikipedia provides a short discussion of the instrument, its history and the theory. Click through here and take the F-Scale Test - or else!

Anyone who knows of a fun or useful psychological test that is online should leave a comment with a link to it. If possible, also give links to an explanation of the theory behind the test (if any) and discussion of why we should care. OK?

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