Thursday, April 03, 2008

White House: Bush is really very in touch with the economy! Honest!

The other day, when asked how he would deal with $4 a gallon gas, President Bush gave the rather disconcerting reply that he had not heard predictions of $4 per gallon gas as most of us have. The clear impression he left was that he is "Out of touch with the Economy." That impression has been strongly reinforced by the fact that the discussions of the current economic problems has been handled by either fed chief Ben Bernanke or Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson with no involvement by from Bush. It doesn't help Bush's image as a leader.

As a result, the White house media staff has had to respond to the criticism that Bush is out of touch with the economy. Here, according to the New York Times is what the White House media flacks said about bush:
“He is very much in touch with the economy,” said Tony Fratto, the deputy White House press secretary. “He is out in the country a lot."
Yeah, maybe Bush is in touch with the economy, particularly sine he is directly responsible for much of the current set of economic problems.

If I were in charge and as responsible for the current mess as he is, I'd be out of the country a lot, too.

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