Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another McCain scandal not noted much in the media

It seems like a special deal for a senator to go out of his way to help an investor buy a piece of government land from the Pentagon for $250,000 that a few years later he turns around as sells for - get this - $20,000,000.

Gee. Why won't MY Republican Senator give me that kind of constituent service? But then, I am sure that the investor, Donald Diamond, contributed to Cindy McCain's wealth substantially. That's probably part of the reason why - unlike Kerry four years ago - McCain hasn't released his wife's tax returns along with his own.

Of course, the supine media hasn't bothered to ask McCain to release his wife's tax returns they way they did Kerry. But McCain is a straight-talking maverick Republican! (and the media is in his pocket.)

From: The Reality-Based Community.

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