Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama strikes back hard!

This is really good. You want a fighter for a Democratic nominee for President? Obama just put out a fund raising letter that says:
A few days ago, Barack spoke about the frustrations that working people in this country are feeling and said what we all know is true: that many people are bitter and angry because they believe their government isn't listening to them.

...our opponents have been spinning the media and peddling fake outrage around the clock. John McCain's campaign, which will continue the George Bush economic policies that have devastated the middle class, called Barack out of touch and elitist. And Hillary Clinton, who is the candidate who said lobbyists represent real people, didn't just echo the Republican candidate's talking points: she actually used the very same words to pile on with more attacks.
So Hillary is no better than the Republicans.

That's good on so many levels!

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