Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bin Laden supports John McCain for President

Joe Klein reports that Osama bin Laden is a strong McCain supporter.
John McCain is probably the favorite candidate of Osama bin Laden, just as George W. Bush was Osama's presidential preference. [Snip]

Ron Suskind had a relevant scene in his excellent book The One Percent Doctrine: It's the Friday before election day in 2004 and Osama bin Laden has issued a videotape in which he lambastes President Bush. The top dawgs at the CIA are gathered to analyze the tape. Dep. Director John McLaughlin says, "I wonder who Osama is voting for?" Everyone cracks up because the answer is so obvious.
The supporters who hid the right-wing terrorist Erik Rudolph for five years while he was on the run also support John McCain. From the Christian Science Monitor:
Instead of retreating into the deep mountains or urban anonymity, he stayed in a "comfort zone" at the edge of society. Experts say that choice shows Rudolph's limits as a survivalist, but also a distaste for total isolation - and, perhaps, a need to stay close to a network of conspirators.
John McCain, the favorite candidate for religious terrorists of all types.

Any similar accusations from the McCain camp aimed at either Obama or Clinton are nothing more than "projection", the well-known psychological reaction of a guilty man who want others to share his own guilt.

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